Tel: 256-772888149, 752888149, 706927637

Email: v2040rc@gmail.com,

or contact our Australia-based members Peter Carroll and Kira Kranzusch on pcphoto@ozemail.com.au or kirapete02@ozemail.com.au

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MS. KIRA KRANSUSCH                                                          MR. PETER CAROLL


We are the people of Uganda Vision Resource Centre (UVRC), a Civil Society Organization in Uganda. UVRC is a Community-Based Organization aiming at facilitating People-managed processes so as to help people and communities to be free from poverty, hunger, diseases and injustice.

Uganda Vision Resource Centre has its main mission as to link Ugandan Communities with abroad volunteers, charity organizations and donors. This begins by mobilizing communities in Uganda to be be organised into groups like women groups, youths groups, farmer groups, art and craft groups, child care groups and health clubs.

We are currently working with a number of community projects ranging from HIV/AIDS, Art and craft, Abandoned Babies, Children, Cultural projects, Music, Dance, Drama, Disabled, Disease Advocacy/Research, Elderly, Environment, Health Care, Homeless, Hospitals, Immigrants, Libraries, Mental Health, Museums, Nursing Homes, Prisons, Social Work, Special Projects, Sports, Teenagers, Theaters, Women’s Groups, Young Adults, Refugee settlement, Education.

The purpose of UVRC is therefore to link households, families and communities with potential development partners and volunteers for sustainable development in Uganda.

In these changing times, many people have a strong desire to help those less fortunate than themselves. But sometimes we cannot afford thousands of dollars, Euros and pounds asked by most volunteer programs.

So we have organized programs with trustworthy grassroots projects where volunteers, tourists and holiday makers can make a difference with the local people and support them. You can rest assured that your input has provided essential support in parts of the world that need help.


To arrange for your visit to these exciting places, send us an email at v2040rc@gmail.com or call us on (+256) 772888148 or 752888149. Uganda Vision Resource Centre  will be honored to host you and take you through there. A warm welcome.


7 comments on “Home

  1. Thanks for giving us bout history,but there some thing not clear, Abakonda has there history,it is suggested that abakondo are a bahororo whose origin is mpororo nyabihoko present Rukungiri district.history tells us that abakoondo,present Baliisa come as four people from mpororo thru; the rift valley with there cows and one sister called Iremeera looking for pasture for their cows.They moved on and were stopped by lake Albert in Bunyoro,while in Bunyoro their sister was admired by omukama of bunyoro bse of her beauty and married her.
    Brothers came back and settled in Buhweju and one of them was called Nkondo and even a place where they settled was named Rwankondo and it is still there,later Nkondo moved with his cows to Kikondo and that is why kikondo come to be named after him.The so called batagwenda orignal are current Banya Ibanda,Banyantaara and Banyaruguru

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